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ISBI 1.1: Let's Find a Mate!


Most of you probably know me from intensefeelings About that... ehm... *cough* It's doubtful at this point that season six will ever happen, but, I am known for taking massive breaks between seasons so... maybe not all hope is lost? If anyone was holding their breath, please don't! I'm not sure I'll ever get back to it. (I'm sorry!) However, I do want to start a new story this summer. I'm moving in April and will have access to a PC again (I only have Mac), and I can use SimPE and the Download Organiser to fix up my game a bit, at which point I'd like to start a smaller-scale story. So we'll see how that goes.

But for now! I'm going to try my hand at something that in all my
(almost 15!) years of Simming I have never done... A legacy challenge! Specifically, the ISBI Challenge. Now, since I'm doing this in an attempt to get back into actually playing the game (something I haven't done in an age...), I might not follow the rules 100%, or alter them slightly here or there. I want to follow it as closely as I can, but I remember when I read it over last weekend, there were a few things to which I said, "Well, we'll just ignore THAT", but now I don't remember what those things were. We will discover what they were as I play out the challenge, I guess. Kind of like a surprise adventure!

Anyway. Let's get on with things.


Meet our founder, Rosy Bellamy!

I thought starting with a Family Sim was a natural choice for a legacy. I had to re-roll her LTW because it was something to do with Uni and I never play uni and, as I understand it, I am allowed to change her LTW before I start playing. Her turn ons are beards and make-up, as my thought was this gives her the freedom to be with a male or female Sim.

And her little house! I don't think I have ever built a house without a money cheat since I discovered there was a money cheat back in TS1... I surprisingly got a lot more in here than I expected to. However, I stupidly left no real room for any kids, figuring that would be a "future problem" after Rosy had made a bunch of money. Ehm.

D'aww. Okay. Let's find her a mate.

And by that, I mean let's find her a job. I rolled a 5, which means...

... sure!

Off to a rousing start, with her new [strange] career path, and a wolf digging holes in her front yard.


Goddammit, again?!

As Rosy fills in another hole, we take a look at her potential mate prospe-- wait a min... wha...

What the hell is THAT?

... Are you okay, cat?

The visiting neighbours all stared at deformed yoga cat, also, and I decided Christy was the most attractive of the lot.

Rosy didn't think too much of her, however.

But still felt inclined to give her a friendly smooch.

After a few failed attempts at friendship / flirting, Christy just let herself in and plopped herself near the television before turning it on and staring at the wall. So I had Rosy call the matchmaker.

Poor Rosy is literally poor, and could only offer the matchmaker §96... which did not impress.

"Please send me a cool person..."


With bated breath, Rosy awaits her potential love...


Oh, Remington. What a journey we've been on...

Whoa! I was only reminiscing for one second! Guess we found a good match?

Or, uh, not?

Rosy magically grows hair and wears the worst outfit ever to go clean a chem lab, wincing, for some reason. Remington frowns heavily, for some reason. SEEMS LIKE TRUE LOVE???

And then, much like Christy, Remington just lets himself into Rosy's house and stays there alone for awhile.

Uhh... wha... Okay, I guess, Give them to pharmacist?

... oookay...

I tried to make her find a new job right away, but she was not having any of THAT. So I let her pee and shower and sent her to bed.

She got up and set her face on fire.

I struggled her wants and needs up a little higher and then went back to picking a new job.

Somehow this makes more than whatever sketchy ass job she had before!

Let's get back to finding that spouse!

Cool, he seems to be back into her... Maybe his little freak out at the end of yesterday's date was because he was hungry.

Better whip up some of the fanciest food you can make, Rosy!

And yet the minute he shows up... "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO FLIRT WITH ME!!"

"W-would you like a sandwich...?"

In a mad panic, I squeaked their date rating up to "Good" with 3 minutes left to spare.

They celebrated by going insane and jumping into bed.

He temporarily likes her again.

Don't get too cosy, Rosy. He's due for a mood swing.

"Hey remember when we had sex just now?"
"Yes, eat your sandwich, Remington."

Desperately trying to bump their date rating up again...


Remington may or may not be a serial killer / clinically insane, this go-around...

However, I did manage to get the rating up again!

And he let her kiss him!

Perfect! Because we're going to try and amp this up as high as we can right now.

She proposes a committed relationship...

He accepts!

But then rejects her proposal to spend the night...

Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

I wouldn't be smiling if I were you, Remington.



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Mar. 20th, 2015 07:19 pm (UTC)
glad to see you back!!
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